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'It's Humanity': Foxboro Dunkin' Customer Makes Difference By Paying It Forward Every Day

FOXBORO (CBS) - Those who frequent Foxboro's Dunkin Donuts on Route 140 likely know Reggie St. Germain. The real regulars have probably had coffee on him. He pays for the order in front or behind him every day.

"I enjoy doing it because it makes me feel good to help somebody else. There's always somebody less fortunate," he said.

One woman who was recently touched by Reggie's generosity posted the experience in the community Facebook group. Hundreds liked it, and dozens responded with their own Reggie stories.

"I feel like you don't come across people like that very often," said Andrea Pollock of Foxboro.

Reggie St. Germain
Reggie St. Germain (WBZ-TV)

Andrea Pollock remembers meeting him years ago - at a different restaurant across town.

"Before he left he came and put a $20 bill on the table and said take your kids out to ice cream after this and he just left before I was even able to really thank him," she said.

So what's the inspiration behind Reggie's acts of kindness? All of the beauty in his own life.

"It's probably because I have daughters," he explained. "That's probably why I do what I do. My daughters run through me."

He feels it's the whole point of living. Do good, whenever you have the chance and expecting nothing in return.

"If you can, pay it forward. It's the right thing. It's humanity," he said. "Thinking of anybody else for yourself. Doing for others. There's nothing I won't do for somebody."

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