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8-year-old girl critically hurt after SUV and ambulance collide head-on in Foxboro

Neighbors rushed in to help trapped 8-year-old girl after ambulance and SUV collided in Foxboro
Neighbors rushed in to help trapped 8-year-old girl after ambulance and SUV collided in Foxboro 02:39

FOXBORO - Five people were taken to the hospital, including a young girl and two emergency medical technicians, when a Honda Pilot collided head on with an ambulance on Route 140 in Foxboro Thursday night.  

The ambulance was transporting a 77-year-old man home when the horrific crash happened in front of Bruce Spencer's home.  

An ambulance and a Honda Pilot collided head-on on Route 140 in Foxboro, February 22, 2024. CBS Boston

"It was just solid, they didn't glance off each other," said Spencer. 

 Investigators say a 40-year-old mother and her elementary age daughter were in the SUV travelling south when they swerved into the path of the Brewster ambulance that was heading north and making a direct hit.  

"It sounded like a train wreck, a real loud bang," said Spencer.  

Neighbors rushed in to help with the two victims trapped in their vehicle.  

"The door was jammed so myself and my neighbor got the doors open. Then he picked up the girl out of the back seat," said Spencer.

The girl sustained serious injuries, while neighbors say the mother was emotionally shaken.  

"She seemed to be in a good amount of shock. She was very quiet getting out, when they came over and sat her down on the sidewalk not saying much," said Bruce's daughter Taylor Spencer.  

Witnesses say the EMT's were also injured, one of them with visible head injuries who still sprang into action to help the victims until another ambulance arrived.  

"You wouldn't have known they were in an accident or that they were hurt. They were really doing their best to help the gentleman in the ambulance and help the little girl," said Taylor Spencer.  

"We've seen quite a few accidents over the years, that one was probably the worst I've seen," said neighbor Sebastian Scardocci.   

Bruce Spencer says he's still shaken himself by the trauma he witnessed and the voice of the young girl.  

"The daughter was quite conscious through the whole thing and kept asking for her mom, and the mother couldn't really talk hardly at all," said Bruce Spencer.  

He said he didn't even hear the squeal of brakes at the time of the accident.  

The young girl remains hospitalized while the circumstances that led up to the crash are under investigation.

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