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The Show Must Go On: Band In 2 July 4 Parades Deals With Extreme Heat

NORWOOD (CBS) -- Before members of The Saints Brigade of Port Chester New York were set to march in Norwood's Fourth of July parade, they displayed their talents at a parade in Bristol, Rhode Island. Due to extreme heat though, not everyone was able to play.

Bystanders of the Bristol parade reported that some musicians threw up and couldn't finish because of the hot temps. But everyone in the marching band knows this: the show must go on.

"It's not easy. You've got tons of gear on," said Frank Barchella, who is part of The Saints Brigade. "You've got to push through. We're paid to entertain. It's not pretty but we make it happen."

Uniforms of The Saints Brigade of Port Chester New York hanging up after a Fourth of July parade (WBZ-TV)

Between their performances in Bristol and Norwood, the band's sweat-soaked uniforms were hung out to dry. Six members were treated with IV fluids along the way.

Sixteen-year-old Francesca LaDore said, "When I was marching today it was really humid and we wear the uniforms. I felt like I was going to pass out. My head was hurting. I was dizzy."

The Saints Brigade of Port Chester New York performing in Norwood (WBZ-TV)

It didn't take much for anybody out on the Fourth of July to be affected by the heat.

Some watching the parade sought shade. Others got more creative.

"We usually sit right out here. I was like you know what? Just pull the car up and we'll have the air if we need it. It seems to be working out pretty good," said Jim O'Brien from inside his car.

Norwood's Firecracker 5K Road Race was scheduled for 5 p.m. Wednesday, just before the parade. That event was postponed because of the heat.

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