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Food Truck Friday: The Whoo(pie) Wagon In Topsfield

TOPSFIELD (CBS) -- A special request years ago has grown into a food truck serving some unique whoopie pies in Topsfield.

"We never anticipated how great this would become," said Mary Bandereck. She and Chris Bandereck, and their three sons are behind the Whoo(pie) Wagon, a product of the Topsfield Bake Shop.

"When we moved here, we were going to sell some cookies and pastries and cakes to a local market and they were like, can you make whoopie pies? I was like probably, I will come up with some recipes," said Mary Bandereck.

LEVAN REID WHOOPIE PIES.transfer_frame_1113
Demand is high for the Whoo(pie) Wagon food truck in Topsfield (WBZ-TV)

She came up with all the whoopie pie recipes you could imagine including traditional, pumpkin, gluten-free, and a tip of the hat to Massachusetts called the Whannoli.

"It's half whoopie pie,  half cannoli. We invented a spinoff of the cronut, we thought Boston's favorites," explained Mary.

Her sons are a major part of the family business. The Whoo(pie) Wagon has brought them closer and allowed them to meet all types of people.

"It's very fun and it's different everywhere you go, you don't know what event you are going on, you don't know who you are going to see," said Julian Bandereck.

"It doesn't matter if it's a college student, a nurse, a corporate executive, everybody is just as happy," said Damian Bandereck.

"We have our ups and downs but with that being said, it is a great overall experience and it's very humbling at the same time," said Christian Bandereck.

And finally, if you want to embarrass your three sons, roll up in the Whoo(pie) Wagon.

"They can tell you what it's like getting picked up in high school with the Whoo(pie) Wagon -- mom really? Well I traded in my car for the Whoo(pie) Wagon," said Mary.

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