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Food Truck Friday: The Dining Car was part of Boston's first food truck boom

Food Truck Friday: The Dining Car
Food Truck Friday: The Dining Car 02:44

BOSTON -- When Boston's food truck boom happened over a decade ago, The Dining Car was one of the first trucks on the block.

"Boston didn't have a food truck program, so it was very unusual for people. They didn't even know. The only trucks that served food were those stainless steel catering trucks," said David Harnik, co-owner of The Dining Car. 

12 years later, they haven't slowed down. Co-owner David Harnik says the passion for the people is the key.

"I love feeding people, and so in the beginning, just to feed a few people on the street was thrilling. But now at times, we feed five, 10-thousand people in a day, with 15 or 18 food trucks because I coordinate events like that." 

And Harnik feels getting up close with the customers is a huge plus.

"People feel a part of these businesses. They feel a part of our business because we are right there. You are not several layers away. The people who making the food are right there, and so often, people come back and say to us, 'That was the best sandwich.'"

So as there are more trucks on the road, Harnik can relish and feel gratified that The Dining Car was a pioneer in this game.

"Now that food trucks are booming and people really seek them out, it feels like validation."

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