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Food Truck Friday: 'Revelry' Brings New Orleans Cuisine To Boston

BOSTON (CBS) - Anytime people describe New Orleans, they say the food is great, the people are resilient, and spirit of those individuals can't be matched.

That bring us to Brian Ledet who feeds you a taste of the Big Easy right here in Boston with his food truck, "Revelry - N'awlins Cuisine."

Ledet lives by one motto "Be New Orleanian wherever you are" and that phrase came in handy because Hurricane Katrina took everything he owned.

"The only way they could rip me out of New Orleans was to force me out of New Orleans and this was having 10-and-a-half feet of water in your living room will make you move," he told WBZ-TV.

So he and his family moved to Boston and they love it.

"I thought Boston was a good compromise between big city and small city and lifestyle, gives us something that we are familiar with," he said.

But there's one thing that's missing, the food. The tastes of New Orleans and that's where his Revelry Food Truck comes in.

"There is a big Louisiana community up here and (they are) very skeptical of anything that says Creole or Cajun so I had to go through painstaking detail to make sure this is the real thing and it's legit."

It is. We are talking red beans and rice, jambalaya, po' boys and Zapp's chips.

So, whether it's someone who's never been there or someone who lived there all their lives and they get to taste this food, how does that make Ledet feel?

"It feels good every time. It's not something that you get used to," he told WBZ. "We wanted to give that vibe. We just are not shucking food out the window, we are really taking some care with capturing that spirit of New Orleans."

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