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Food Truck Friday: Papa Grande is fun for the whole family

Food Truck Friday: Papa Grande is fun for the whole family
Food Truck Friday: Papa Grande is fun for the whole family 02:37

BOSTON - As the saying goes, "Father knows best." Chef Dan Armbuster used to spend time traveling with his dad when he was younger and when doing so, his pop gave him great advice.

"You see nowadays everybody has their phones out taking pictures. He would just say, 'Just take a deep breath, look around and just remember where you are at and we would notice that people came together eating food,'" he told WBZ-TV.

That experience and some trial and error helped Armbuster get his Papa Grande food truck. Now the classically trained chef is bringing his comfort food to the community.

"In the classic restaurants, there's so many different moving parts. A lot of different ingredients. I just try and keep it as simple as possible, 5 to 7 ingredients," he said.

So the chef will dazzle you with the Harlem Shuffle, that's his take on chicken and waffles. Or maybe you're in the mood for jalapeno bacon-wrapped plantains. And let's not forget the house-made empanadas. You come to the Papa Grande food truck and Chef Dan wants you to forget about your all your worries.

"The craziness and what's going on in the world right now. I mean, if I could just take you back to a time when things were simple and safe," he said.

And in the same way his dad shared those life experiences with him, on this Father's Day weekend, Chef Dan talks about sharing this experience with his family.

"My step daughter, she's my first employee and she's my sous-chef now. I named an empanada after her. My kids are running around the truck and in the window and they love it," he told WBZ.

For more information visit their website.

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