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Food Truck Friday: Fred's Franks In Wakefield

WAKEFIELD (CBS) -- Sometimes it takes a person to hit rock bottom for them to realize their dream and purpose. One local man made a life-changing investment to go all-in on a food truck.

Carl Galasso serves up more than food at Fred's Franks, he's helping create a sense of community in Wakefield.

Galasso will tell you he's lucky to be here.

"I mean 2 years, there were times where we didn't know where our next meal was coming from," he said.

Life was hard and Carl had to make a move. So he bought Fred's Franks and this purchase changed his life.

"I had already cashed in my 401k and that was the best thing I ever did, other than buying my dog. I got to say, marrying my wife too, right?" Galasso said.

The food is great. He has a creation called the Shnurble that many have said is the best hot dog/sausage in the state.

"The Shnurble is the combination of a chorizo, which is a Portuguese sausage, a hot dog, on a bed of sweet cabbage, which we marinate ourselves, mayo and special siracha-BBQ sauce."

But for Galasso, it's more than the food.

His truck doesn't have an address. It sits near a lake off of Lowell Street in Wakefield and there, magic happens.

"I can't describe it but this is a culture, you know what I mean? I've had people who are waiting in line who don't have money and the person behind them says, 'I got that Carl, don't worry about it's so he ends up paying. It's like you are walking into a different world," said Galasso.

For Carl, his food truck is his way of sharing and creating community

"It's getting to the heart, to create an emotion and people tell me all the time, 'it's not just the food Carl, we come for you.' "

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