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Food Truck Friday: Bon Me

Food Truck Friday: Bon Me
Food Truck Friday: Bon Me 02:01

BOSTON -- Sometimes it's about taking a chance and this week's Food Truck Friday is what happens when dreams come true.

Bon Me started when Ali Fong and Patrick Lynch entered a contest put on by the city of Boston in 2010.

"Did so on a whim. We weren't expecting to win but we jumped through hoops and hurdles and we ended up being one of the three winners," said Ali.

After that, the wild ride began. Bon Me is a Vietnamese-based food truck. Their specialty is the Bahn Mi sandwich but this truck is much more than that.

"Since then the menu has grown quite a bit, we don't just do Vietnamese sandwiches. We do lots of Asian rice bowls. We even do ramen in our restaurants and we have these wonderful signature drinks that we've had on the menu since day one."

That right there was the game-changer. This truck does signature drinks and the Thai Basil limeade is an absolute thirst-quenching star.

"It's made with fresh Thai basil, so it's a pink drink and it's really refreshing and the color is natural. It comes from the stems. We also make a spicy ginger lemonade. Of course, there's hundreds of pounds of ginger that go into that," said Ali.

Bon Me has blossomed. They have trucks and restaurants all because Ali and Patrick took a huge chance.

"It feels a little bit like all or nothing. It's a big risk but it certainly has been fun, challenging, but a rewarding experience over the years," Ali said.


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