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Food Truck Friday: Zinneken's Waffle Truck

BOSTON (CBS) -- Anyone can make waffles for breakfast, but only one special ingredient can make them Belgian -- and one business is bringing that authenticity to Boston. Say hello to Zinneken's Waffle Truck on this Food Truck Friday.

Their motto is Belgian waffles made by Belgians.

"We wanted to keep it authentic, this is a recipe that's worked in Belgium for hundreds of years," said Ahn-Phi Tran.

He got the idea while going to school and working here in the city. He loves Boston but missed a certain food item from his home and we are not talking about pancakes.

So Phi and his friend purchased a truck, the Zinneken's Waffle truck, and found out that everybody loves waffles.

"A month into it people started calling us, wanting us to come to their backyard, having their kid's birthday, bar mitzvah, wedding," said Phi.

So here's the big question: what makes authentic Belgian waffles different? It's the Belgian powdered sugar.

"The powdered sugar you can only find in Belgium. We actually have to import that. It makes the waffle very sweet, caramelized, so it's chewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside. It's sort of perfect."

Phi said it's the smell of the powdered sugar smell that brings people in and keeps them coming back.

"I didn't grow up in the food business," Phi explained. "But people kept coming and giving us so much love."

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