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Flynn On Toucher & Rich: Patriots O-Line Doing 'Hell Of A Job'

BOSTON (CBS) - The Patriots backfield combined for six rushing touchdowns in the AFC Divisional Round against the Indianapolis Colts Saturday night, and Sports Hub host Mike Flynn gives all the credit in the world to the job of the offensive line and how they've been able to open up holes.

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"For the perception of the Patriots as a finesse team, or a passing team, they call the power run a lot. You saw the holes and the offensive line has been pretty good - they've been really good actually. They've taken the challenge, and they're even running the ball on third-and-three, which is a passing down in the NFL now."

"The o-line is doing a hell of a job right now, and they've been doing a good job of running the football the past few weeks," Flynn said on 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher & Rich.

New England will travel to the Rocky Mountains for the AFC Championship Game, where Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos await them after beating the San Diego Chargers on Sunday by the score of 24-17.

Of the four remaining teams left in Super Bowl contention, Flynn believes Denver has the worst defense left of the bunch, and that the Patriots can exploit them with the running game the same way they did against Indy.

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"Denver did a good job of stopping the run against San Diego, and I think Peyton Manning will force the Patriots to throw the ball more, but I absolutely think they can do to Denver what they did against the Colts."

In terms of physicality between the conferences, Flynn said the AFC Divisional games were a "pillow fight" compared to the NFC games.

The Seahawks will host the 49ers Sunday night in the late game and Flynn is picking Seattle to win a close won at home.

Listen below for the full discussion:

Mike Flynn On Pats O-Line

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