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Flynn On Toucher & Rich: 'A Win Is A Win'

BOSTON (CBS) - The Patriots were fortunate to come away with a win on Thursday Night Football at home against the Jets, who had a game winning field goal attempt blocked in the final seconds by defensive tackle Chris Jones.

The Patriots won 27-25, hardly the result many fans were expecting. However, it was the team's fourth game in 18 days, so not playing your best football is certainly understandable in that respect.

Judging by the reactions on Twitter, the rhetoric on the radio and the Friday morning headlines, there seems to be two schools of thought coming away from last night's game.

"How do you only beat the Jets by two points?!" -- and --  "Hey, a win is a win."

Sports Hub personality and former 11-year NFL veteran Mike Flynn agrees with the latter, and he joined 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher & Rich Friday morning to explain his position.

"I was thinking about this on my way in, and how do I view this game. I think Thursday Night Football is pretty unique and it kind of takes on a life of its own. I don't mind judging that game separately from the other ones. There's a lot of variables in that game, whether it's preparation, injury, fatigue -- that type of thing. There's definitely some validity to that," said Flynn. "I lean more towards 'a win is a win.' There's some concerns there, but it's a Thursday night game. The Jets were playing in desperation mode."

The biggest concern Flynn pointed out was the Patriots' inability to stop the run.

The Jets gashed the Patriots for 218 yards on the ground, with Chris Ivory taking the bulk of the work (107 yards on 21 carries, including one touchdown).

"The Patriots got pushed around. We've seen this a few times this year, whether Jerod Mayo was playing or not," said Flynn. "The Jets were physical. They collapsed the ends and had a lot of cutback lanes. That's an issue. We've seen it now over the course of the year with the Patriots getting exposed in the running game. They'll have some issues stopping the run this year."

Listen below for the full discussion!


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