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Flying Sausage Disrupts Tyler Seguin's Shootout Attempt In Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was a scene that's become common over the past couple of seasons in Boston: Tyler Seguin, carrying the puck past the blue line with speed on a shootout attempt, barreling toward the opposing netminder with the game hanging in the balance. Only this time, a third party managed to make its way into the scenario: a hot dog.

Or a sausage. Or a sausage roll. Or maybe just a hunk of bread.

Whatever it was, it came flying onto the ice from the loge seating level at the TD Garden, right before Seguin began making his move on goalie Johan Hedberg. Nobody knew exactly what the foreign object on the ice was, but the linesmen and referees huddled near the penalty boxes after Seguin had scored on Hedberg. After the brief meeting, they ruled that Seguin would have to take his shootout attempt one more time.

Seguin looked a bit upset -- "I think it probably affected me more than the goalie," he said afterward -- but he shook off his frustrations and scored again. It proved to be crucial, as Ilya Kovalchuk scored for the Devils on the following attempt before Tuukka Rask and Hedberg stopped four straight shots each. Brad Marchand finally scored in the sixth round of the shootout, and Rask stopped Marek Zidlicky to secure a Bruins victory.

Still, it was that flying piece of bread (and perhaps meat) that, fortunately for the Bruins, became a comical footnote rather than a reason for losing the game.

Seguin said he hoped the person who threw the food was wearing a Devils jersey, though NESN's Zapruder film of the incident proved somewhat inconclusive on that front.

Bruins coach Claude Julien shared the officials' message to him after the play.

"The explanation was what's in the rule book," Julien said. "Had we not scored, Tyler would have had a second shot at it as well. At the end of the day, it worked out because he scored and he deserved to score again. I guess justice prevailed right there."

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