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Tufts' Floating Hospital For Children Gets New Name

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's been known as the Floating Hospital For Children for more than 125 years. But a pediatric hospital in downtown Boston is now going by a new name: Tuft's Children's Hospital.

Tufts Pediatrician-in-Chief Dr. Geoffrey Binney said at a news conference that surveys determined that many local residents have never heard of the Tufts-owned hospital and don't know who it serves.

"While the Floating Hospital name has served us well in the past, in modern times it isn't allowing us to fulfill that mission," he said. "It turns out the people that need us most don't know we exist."

The 104-bed hospital for sick and injured infants, children and teenagers was founded as a hospital ship in Boston Harbor in 1894, as medical experts back then believed the fresh ocean air would be beneficial to patients. The ship was destroyed in a fire in 1927 and moved to land in 1931.

Tufts says the new name will better position the hospital for the future of pediatric care.

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