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Flash Flooding Strands Drivers In Boston Area

BOSTON (CBS) – Strong storms made a mess of the evening commute in the Boston area Wednesday. Heavy rain washed out roads leaving some drivers stranded.

Flash flooding became too much for Sara O'Brien on Dudley Street in Arlington, the water filling up her car forcing her to call 911 for a rescue.

"I popped out the moon roof, and sat there for a while and got carried ever so eloquently across the street," O'Brien said.

Arlington rescue
A woman was rescued from floodwaters in Arlington (Image credit Linda Fahey)

Floodwaters moved cars, debris and a dumpster around the Arlington neighborhood.

"I saw it from behind the brick building and it just floated across the street," Linda Fahey said of the dumpster.

Rob Rooney's lived on the street for years and says the rising waters are routine.

"It's gone it's all flooded they're gonna have to do the washer machine the everything is going to have to be redone," Rooney said.

Arlington flood
Car stranded in floodwater on Brattle Street in Arlington (Image credit Mike LaCrosse/WBZ)

Crews spent the night pumping out the basements and closing submerged roadways like Brattle Street where a car was stuck.

"I got to my porch and said 'wow a red light, there is a car stuck,' I don't know I wouldn't have attempted it," said Karen Meehan.

Flash flooding hit many communities around greater Boston Wednesday night. In nearby Waltham the fire department shut down Lexington Street as tow trucks removed cars.

In Harvard Square, people were running for cover as Mass. Ave started to resemble a river.

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