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Fist Bump Kid Liam Fitzgerald 'Drafted' By WPI Basketball Team

WORCESTER (CBS) - The Fist Bump Kid was drafted into the college ranks Thursday. Who could forget Liam Fitzgerald? The then-8-year-old gained national attention in 2014 when video of him fist bumping members of the Boston Bruins went viral.

Thursday Liam was "drafted" by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute men's basketball team.

"We typically recruit some guys that are a little bit taller, but this guy just had something special about him," Coach Chris Bartley said.

The event was made possible by Team IMPACT, a non-profit that pairs college teams and children with serious illnesses. Liam has Down Syndrome, and is 5 years cancer free after battling leukemia.

"When he's doing something he likes, he's just beaming," said Christine Fitzgerald, Liam's mother. "And I think that's what showed on the bench that day."

Hundreds of kids from the school's summer basketball camp and WPI team members gathered to witness Liam, now 12, become a member of the Engineers. He will now take part in WPI basketball team events and activities while receiving support from his new teammates.

We had to ask: any famous fist bumps this week? "Many times and everyone, all week," Liam said.

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