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Firefighters Ready To Distribute Covid-19 Vaccine If Needed

FOXBORO (CBS) - A year and a half ago, the Foxboro Fire Department saw a potential problem: what if there was a massive flu epidemic and the town needed them to give out flu shots.

"It just so happened that once the pandemic struck, that we were in a position to respond more timely," said Foxboro Fire Deputy Chief Tom Kenvin.

So they created a mobile vaccination vehicle. Then Covid-19 hit. Vaccines are now being made for distribution and it may be up to local towns to give out the shots. That's where the Foxboro paramedics come in.

"We are ready to execute the plan should we be fortunate to get the vaccine and need to distribute it," said Foxboro Fire Chief Mike Kelleher.

In Marshfield, town officials took notice of Covid last February and created a task force that quickly figured the town's 43 paramedics could do handle the vaccinations.

"They're ready to go," said Marshfield Fire Chief Tom Corbo. "We had to take an OEMS class in order to get certified to take this particular shot."

They're trained and ready. They call it 'Operation Shot.' All they need now is a super refrigerator. "We need to be able to store the medication so that it's not going to be spoiled," said Marshfield Town Administrator Mike Maresco.

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