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Final Episode Of 'Behind The B' Shares Expletive-Laden On-Ice Exchanges Between Bruins, Canadiens

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Bruins season has now been over for nearly two full weeks, though to some Bruins fans it may feel like two years.

The unofficial closing of the book on the 2013-14 season came Monday night, when the Bruins aired the final episode of "Behind The B" for the year.

The show, which includes behind-the-scenes access to the organization and mic'd up segments on the ice, chronicled the seven-game series against the Canadiens. Though Montreal emerged victorious, the episode brought back many memorable moments.

Not surprisingly, most of them involved some curse words.

In Game 1, Shawn Thornton went face-to-face with Dale Weise. The two have a history, as it was Weise who challenged Thornton and shook his own gloves so as to initiate a fight back in January 2012 when Weise was with Vancouver. Thornton then dropped his gloves, ready to dance, but Weise backed away after a late change of heart.

That history helps explain these words Thornton threw at Weise on the show:

"You grow a set yet? Did ya? Do you want to get 'em off? … You can pick the hand I beat the [expletive] out of you with."

Not much further translation is needed there.

In Game 2, the cameras captured an honest glimpse of Claude Julien's thought process behind the bench.

"Are we going to let them get in our [expletive] heads here?" an exasperated Julien screamed. "We've got to play hockey, boys. Come on!"

In Game 3, Torey Krug asked Dougie Hamilton a question that many Bruins fans would have liked to ask anyone on the team, as the B's kept putting shot after shot into Carey Price's chest.

"Shot it right at him, huh?" Krug said.

In Game 4, Milan Lucic took great offense to a hit by Alexei Emelin on David Krejci into the corner boards. Lucic shoved Emelin and yelled, before a linesman stepped in to intervene. The two shared this exchange:

Linesman: "We made the call. You're getting a power play."
Lucic: "I can give him a little shove. I'm not being an idiot."
Linesman: "You run the risk of getting a retribution penalty. It just doesn't look good. Really."
Lucic: "Yeah, but I'm not that dumb."

Later in that game, when Matt Fraser scored the winning goal in overtime, Lucic yelled what many folks watching on TV back in Boston yelled: "Holy [expletive]!"

In Game 5, Jarome Iginla was angered by Tomas Plekanec's dive into Tuukka Rask, and the veteran forward let Plekanec know how he felt about it.

"Good penalty, bud! Good penalty, bud!" Iginla yelled at Plekanec. "You little [expletive] chicken [expletive]!"

Iginla skated back toward the scrum and saw Michael Bournival.

"What're you gonna do?" Iginla barked. "What are you gonna do?"

Game 5 also showed the crazy toughness of Johnny Boychuk, who took a high stick to the throat. The power play that followed led to an Iginla goal.

"Man, that one hurt. I went to go hit him, he slashed me right in the throat. … That's why you scored a goal," Boychuk said to Iginla on the bench. "I'll [expletive] take it every time if we scored five. I'll take one in the teeth every time, bro!"

In Game 6, Patrice Bergeron was mic'd up. He was knocked down in the corner by P.K. Subban, and the Montreal D-man then punched Bergeron upside the head. The two shared this exchange:

Bergeron: "Come on, man. Don't do that. Hey?! Seriously, buddy."
Subban: "What'd I hit your head?"
Bergeron: "You know you did."
Subban: "I didn't mean to. I thought you were Marchy."

Bergeron's microphone then picked up a conversation that few hockey fans are privy to, when he asked the referee if Subban would have gotten called for a penalty if Bergeron hadn't retaliated.

"Well, I was going to give him the first punch, but when he did it twice I was going to get him," the ref said.

Bergeron, accepting blame for his role in the tussle, said, "Yeah, I know. I'll stay away from it, thanks."

Such a gentleman, that Patrice.

Then came Game 7. Boychuk was mic'd up for that one, and after he was shown trying to get Brad Marchand to control his emotions and not take any bad penalties, Boychuk's digging at a puck that was covered by Brian Gionta came next. Gionta was essentially lying on top of the puck, and Boychuk kept digging and hit Gionta's face in the process.

Boychuk told Gionta, "I'm not trying to hit you in the face. The puck's right there." Gionta didn't like that explanation and offered an inaudible response. To that, Boychuk said, "Well then [expletive] eat it, then."

Boychuk did not agree with the penalty called on him late in the game, and minutes later, the whole season was over.

All in all, while the show didn't show the viewers everything they wanted to see -- some off the ice footage would have been nice in this episode, which probably could have been 60 minutes long with all of the drama and storylines that live within a Boston-Montreal series -- it still gave us insight into the words exchanged on the ice. Though you often have to look through the expletives to find the deeper meanings, it's a unique angle that helped provide a unique perspective on the Bruins all year long.

You can watch the full episode at the Bruins' official website.

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