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Fight Over Southie Parking Spot Ends In Assault Charges

BOSTON (CBS) --- A fight over a parking space in Southie sent one man to the hospital with a broken jaw, Wednesday afternoon.

A judge ordered 32-year-old Juan Beltran-Rivera held on $1,000 cash bail and to stay away from the victim at his arraignment for allegedly assaulting someone over age 65.

Police say he punched a man who was upset Beltran-Rivera took a parking space he had shoveled out.

Beltran-Rivera's lawyers said he thought he was the one being attacked and the man grabbed his coat, spit on his car and used a racial slur against him.

At the scene, Beltran-Rivera told police things got out of hand.

It's a Boston tradition- using whatever you can find to mark a street parking space you've shoveled out after a snow storm.

And neighbors say they're usually cordial around East Eighth & Mercer.

But it was around those streets, a 66-year-old man paid to have a spot cleared for him Wednesday.

When he returned home, the man said he found Beltran-Rivera parked in the spot and that's when it got ugly.

Keeley Callahan's family could hear the scuffle.

"I wouldn't fight over a parking space but you know, the snow is terrible so I kind of get it," Callahan said.

It is legal to use a space saver after a storm, but only if there's a declared snow emergency.

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