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Fenway Park's Bathrooms Are Second-Worst In All Of Major League Baseball, Survey Says

BOSTON (CBS) – Red Sox fans may love Fenway Park – but they don't love its bathrooms, a new survey finds.

"While Fenway Park brings a ton of historical charm, according to fans the bathrooms leave a lot to be desired, as the stadium came in 29 out of 30 teams," ticket seller SeatGeek said.

The only MLB park with worse bathrooms is RingCentral Coliseum in Oakland, the survey of 8,000 baseball fans determined.

And while Fenway introduced a lobster BLT and a banana split to its concession offering this season, Boston only ranks 24th in terms of food.

The 107-year-old ballpark did better when it comes to atmosphere, but still only ended up 14th.

"It seems as though Red Sox fans may be some of the toughest raters in the league," SeatGeek said.

For fans who want to find the best baseball stadium bathrooms in the country, SeatGeek suggests heading to Atlanta's SunTrust Park.


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