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5-Month Old 'Fenway Baby' Becomes Crowd Favorite At Red Sox Game

BOSTON (CBS) -- One of the Red Sox's youngest fans stole the show at Fenway Park on Monday night. Five-month-old Giovanni, who is now known as "Fenway Baby," had fans cheering.

Mom Kaitlyn and Dad Antonio Cali say this wasn't baby Giovanni's first game, but it was the most memorable so far.

"When we were in the row, we had a great presence behind us, we had a great group of people behind us, they were super, super nice," Antonio explained. "Right around the fourth, they started chanting 'we want the baby.'"

"We're dancing and we just held him up like, 'hey, here's my cute baby, we're dancing' they showed him on the jumbotron and the whole entire stadium was like yeah!" said Kaitlyn.

Giovanni the "Fenway Baby" (Photo Via @StephenRDavis)

The crowd went so wild that baby Giovanni's dance moves even grabbed the attention of players on the field.

"I know at one point, Hunter Renfroe had to look back in the crowd to see what was going on. And when he looked back it was just me holding the baby," said Antonio.

But fans wanted more and cheered for baby Giovanni to return to the jumbotron.

"They did it like four or five times and the place was going wild for him," said Kaitlyn.

The family said they never expected their night out to turn into such a wild experience.

"People were talking to us, 'oh the baby is on Twitter, is on Instagram,' there was a radio station talking about him. So he's now the Fenway Baby," said Antonio.

Antonio said he is excited to raise his son as a Red Sox and they hope to be back in the stands soon.

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