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Felger: Ravens, NFL Both 'Gutless Cowards'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Shortly after TMZ released security camera video of Ray Rice assaulting his then-fiancee over the off-season on Monday, the Baltimore Ravens terminated the running back's contract and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.

When news of the incident first broke, the NFL suspended Rice for just two games. The Ravens did not take any action, and Rice was greeted to cheers when he first hit the field during training camp.

With heavy scrutiny flying at both NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the Baltimore Ravens following Monday's release of the video, the two sides jumped into action. Michael Felger is outraged this didn't happen months ago when the story first broke.

"It took TMZ to release the video to do this? Sackless," Felger said during Monday's Felger & Massarotti broadcast on 98.5 The Sports Hub. "They're only doing it because we got to see the video today.

"I believe they'd already seen it, so what a bunch of gutless cowards. The scandal now is all the lying and covering up," said Felger, noting reports in July from Peter King and Chris Mortensen stating that the NFL and Ravens had seen the video. "Now they're terminating the contract because we've seen it? Gutless, cowardly. They deserve to get hammered for this – and they will. Roger Goodell deserves to get hammered for this -- and he will."

Felger does not believe either Goodell or the Ravens' claims that they did not see the video until it was released by TMZ on Monday.

"I believe they saw the video, and if they didn't it's because they didn't want to see it," he said. "The league saw it, the team saw it, and they gave him two games. Now they're lying about it and the 'bleep' is going to hit the fan. It's disgusting."


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