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Felger: Patriots Will Score More Than 90 Points Combined In Next Two Games

BOSTON (CBS) -- Warm up the Honk-o-Meter, because Felger & Mazz have themselves some Patriots excitement.

After an underwhelming slate of action in the NFL on Sunday, Michael Felger remains convinced that the Patriots are set up to roll over their competition for the foreseeable future.

In fact, Felger believes the Patriots are going to put up nearly 100 points combined in the next two weeks, when the Patriots hit the road to face the Cowboys and Colts.

"Over-under for points scored for the Patriots in the next two weeks combined: 90. Ninety. My over-under for Patriots points scored in the next two weeks is 90. And I have the over," Felger said. "I'm going over."

Though Felger's math was slightly off ("I don't know if it's going to be 30 and 50"), he thinks the Patriots will do most of their damage two weeks from now against the DeflateGate-starting Colts on national television.

"They're going for a 50-burger in Indy," Felger said. "You know that, right? And they're probably going to get it. ... They're going to roll these two teams."

Even Tony Massarotti couldn't disagree.

"There's no question they're getting 40 in Indy, and I just don't know how Dallas is going to stop them when Dallas is losing two players [to injury] every week," Mazz said. "It's going to be a blowout. Dallas is going to get annihilated. And forget about Indy. Wait till you see what happens -- Chuck Pagano might get fired the day after that game."

So, is Felger right?

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