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Felger: Patriots Offense Right Now Is 'Almost Unfair', 'Eliminated The Importance Of The Trenches'

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Patriots offense is operating at an otherworldly level in 2015, led by Tom Brady who at age 38 may be playing the best football of his career this season. They have gone up against strong defenses along the way, but it doesn't seem to matter - Brady has found a way to lead the Patriots to at least 30 points in their past 5 games (they scored 28 week 1 vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers).

Felger & Mazz opened Thursday's program touching on the Patriots' virtually unprecedented success early in the season, and how they have practically erased what has long thought to be one of football's most important keys to winning: controlling the line of scrimmage.

"What the Patriots are doing, it's almost unfair," Felger said. "Do you know that they have pretty much eliminated the importance of the trenches?"

Brady's unrivaled preparation, dizzyingly quick passes, and impeccable decision-making has almost neutralized every pass rush the Patriots have faced in recent weeks. The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets entered their matchups with the Patriots boasting two of the most fearsome defensive lines in football, yet Brady shredded them for a combined 821 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Felger read some mind-blowing stats to illustrate Brady's dominance: in the past 10 years, when the Patriots throw on at least 80% of snaps, they are 4-0. Every other team in the league is 3-109...Yes, that's three wins to one hundred and nine losses.

They also scored at high clips in the 2014 playoffs against the stout defensive fronts of the Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks, despite barely even handing the ball off to a running back. The Patriots were almost literally one-dimensional against the Jets, dropping back to pass on 90.9% of offensive snaps - and the Jets still didn't have an answer for Brady in the second half.

Felger feels exactly the same about the defensive front of the Miami Dolphins, led by Ndamukong Suh, Olivier Vernon, and notorious Patriots-killer Cameron Wake, as they come to Foxboro to play the Patriots on a short week on Thursday Night Football.

"I am done with this, 'Uh-oh, here comes Cameron Wake! Here comes Ndamukong Suh!' They're going to put Brady in the shotgun and we're going to play touch football," he said. "The ball's going to be out, and it's not going to matter who [the Dolphins] have up there. Give me "Mean" Joe Green, Charles Haley, L.C. Greenwood, Reggie White, give me all of them - and give me [the Patriots] up front.

"Does it really matter? [The Patriots] have just completely eliminated a part of a game that we have grown up believing that you've got to win the war in the trenches...It's amazing. It's unprecedented."

Tony Mazz also offered his thoughts on the game, and can't pick against the Patriots because of one key factor: the coaching mismatch. Mazz is unsure if interim Dolphins head coach Dan Campbell can really coach his team, at least well enough to go into Foxboro and beat the Patriots on a short week. Jim Murray still expects the Patriots to win, but also expects a close game where Miami covers the spread.

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