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Felger & Mazz: What Concerns You About The 2015 Patriots?

BOSTON (CBS) -- As we all await Roger Goodell's decision on Tom Brady's appeal, why not pass the time with some actual football talk?

Training camp is just two weeks away for the defending Super Bowl champs, and though they will be raising a banner at Gillette Stadium at some point, there are still a few areas of concern with the 2015 team.

Tony Massarotti and Jim Murray (filling in for the vacationing Michael Felger, otherwise this list would have been a lot longer) took a closer look at what concerns them about the team for the upcoming season.

With the departure of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner, it should come as no surprise that the secondary tops the list.

"It seems like all the big names are gone in Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner and Kyle Arrington. It leads me to believe, and a lot of people feel this way, it's going back to the 'bend, don't break' feel you had in 2011 with a lot of guys coming off the street or guys you don't know," said Murray. "It could be a mess, so that's the biggest concern for most Patriots fans, and rightfully so."

Murray is also worried about New England's depth at running back, with Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen both leaving during the offseason. With less talent on the defense and Brady's potential suspension looming, who can carry the ball is an even bigger concern.

"If the offense is going to be on the field a lot more, are they just assuming [LeGarrette] Blount, [Brandon] Bolden and [Jonas] Gray can handle the workload, or at least take some of it off of Tom Brady?" wondered Murray. "Who is going to emerge as the third down back out of the backfield? Ridley and Vereen are gone, and while they weren't durable, they meant a lot to that offense. Is James White ready to step up and be that guy? I have a lot of concerns at running back."

For Mazz, he's worried about the offensive line after looking at the depth chart.

"Marcus Cannon is starting at left guard; I want nothing to do with Cannon at left guard. I know they drafted Tre Jackson and Shaq Mason, but the [retirement] of Dan Connolly and the uncertainty of how they're going to fill it [worries me].

"It took them a month to figure out [the offensive line] last season, and meanwhile, Brady was getting the crap kicked out of him earlier in the season," noted Mazz. "Factor that in with the potential absence of Brady early in the year, I look at that and say their passing game may have some issues early in the season."

Murray adds that Belichick's specialty is finding guards out of nowhere and turning them into solid protectors of Brady.

"What I have is fear of the unknown," said Mazz. "I look at it and say, 'Can they fill it?' In all probability [yes], I just want to know who?"

Mazz is a fan of the additions to the defensive front seven, with the idea that Belichick will be sending more bodies at opposing quarterbacks.

"It feels like he has the personnel out there to do things differently than they have in the past," said Mazz. "I'm not taking a negative approach to their defense."


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