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Felger & Mazz: Ortiz Gets Postseason Honors, But Uehara's The Regular Season MVP

The Red Sox won their third World Series title in a decade after beating the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6 Wednesday night at Fenway Park by the score of 6-1.

Sox slugger David Ortiz took home the World Series MVP trophy after delivering a historic .688 batting average over the six games while scoring seven runs in that span. His presence in the lineup forced the Cards to walk him four times in the deciding game.

While Ortiz's MVP honors is rightfully earned, this helped start a discussion Thursday afternoon on the Felger & Mazz show about which Red Sox player deserves consideration for the team's regular season MVP.

Both of them reached the same conclusion: it's Koji Uehara.

"I love Koji. He is my favorite Red Sox. Tremendous," glowed Mike Felger on the Sox closer.

For Tony Massarotti, what impresses him the most about the Japanese hurler is his youth-like approach to the game and passion. "For a 38-year-old guy to still approach the game with that kind of enthusiasm, it's great. It's everything the 2011 team lacked. And that guy has been around, and he still has a passion for it," said Mazz.

"From day one to now, regular season and postseason, I think it's Koji [for MVP]. He was their best, most consistent player. He was the guy who was elite from the second he got his job, until the second it ended. He never had a slump," said Felger.

If Koji Uehara had never got the closer job, both feel that the Sox would not be holding a World Series Championship duckboat parade this Saturday.

Tony had a different take on the World Series MVP honors and doesn't feel like Ortiz should have won it.  Find out who Mazz's choice would've been by listening below:

Koji Uehara Red Sox Regular Season MVP


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