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Felger & Mazz: David Price A 'Liar' With Reason For Outburst On Dennis Eckersley

BOSTON (CBS) -- David Price claims that when he flipped his lid at Dennis Eckersley, he was doing so in order to protect his teammates.

Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti don't buy it.

As proof, they played some audio from Eckersley which came during Price's start the night before the confrontation on the team plane.

"What are you going to do now, Mr. Price? 2-1, couple off-speed pitches, he's being careful as can be," a somewhat exasperated Eckersley said on the broadcast. "Couple of deep breaths and a couple of spits, then we'll have our answer. One-two, deep breath ... second deep breath."

Yet Price has insisted that his outburst on Eckersley was in regard to a comment of "yuck" upon seeing a grisly pitching line from Eduardo Rodriguez's rehab start.

"I'm standing up for my teammates. That's it," Price said. "That's that."

Felger's reaction?

"Liar. Flat-out lie. Lie," Felger said. "Eck was riding you that last night before you got on that plane ... Eck was riding David Price for his pace of play and the way that he labors between every pitch, how he calls off the catcher, how he pauses, spits, all of it."

Felger admitted that this would constitute "getting on" Price and that Price wouldn't be unreasonable to take offense. Yet it's Price's insistence that the outburst was about "standing up for teammates" that bothers Felger.

"And Price is still saying it was about the 'yuck' comment for Eddie Rodriguez? You liar," Felger said. "Eck was riding him a little bit; it wasn't that benign. It was, he was on him a little bit. But Price can't man up and say, 'Yeah it bugged the crap out of me what he was saying, so I took him on man-to-man'? He's still to hide behind this thing that he's sticking up for his teammates?"

"Oh, it's a complete lie. It's a total lie," Massarotti said.

Mazz also took issue with Price's complaint about Eckersley never going in the clubhouse.

"When has Eck ever questioned who Price is? All he talks about, really, is the baseball. That's it," Mazz said. "Eck's not sitting there [personally insulting] Price. Eck's sitting there looking at Price, saying you forgot to cover first, why are you taking so long to deliver the ball. All he's going at is the stuff that he sees in the monitor, on the field, during the game."

Felger also responded to Price's assertion that visiting players always text Red Sox players to comment on the negativity from Eckersley during broadcasts.

"You've got to be kidding me," Felger said. "What is that? Give me a break. Feels like a flat-out lie. How about just pitch? How about just show up every five days and pitch? What is he worried about what someone's saying on the broadcast, and then what other players are saying about what's being said on the broadcast? That has nothing to do with you."

Felger & Mazz picked apart several comments that obviously weren't true. Listen to the full discussion below:


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