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Felger & Mazz: Bill Polian, You Are An Embarrassment

BOSTON (CBS) - Did you happen to catch ESPN this morning?

What a joke "analyst" Bill Polian is.

Mike Felger, Tony Massarotti and Marc Bertrand explained why Thursday afternoon.

Former Colts general manager Bill Polian, now a frequent media contributor, was on Sportscenter Thursday to give his take on the whole Roger Goodell/Ray Rice scandal, and the independent investigation that has begun to get all the facts.

Polian was first on Sportscenter at 10:47am -- remember that time -- 10:47am. He was asked the obvious question: How could this happen? This was his response:

"It is very puzzling to me. As a matter of fact I worked as a vice president in the NFL office in 1993 with respect to football operations. I know how the office works. I've physically been there. It's a different building than the one they're in now, but it's very very difficult for me to understand how that could happen, especially when you're in a situation as high profile as that particular situation is. It's puzzling. I have as many questions as anyone else. It's outside my area of expertise. For all the years I was in the NFL, the NFL's security and the NFL's ability to protect it's integrity -- the so-called protection of The Shield -- was unmatched in American business. Forget about sports."

Pretty hard stance on the matter, no?

Very adamant.

Well it didn't take him long to change his tune.

At 11:08am, 21 minutes after his initial hard line stance, this was what he had to say after a similar question:

"Well it can happen. It's a very large organization. Much larger than when I served in the league office -- maybe by a factor of 10. When you have a very large bureaucratic office -- there are some that would say too large, quite honestly -- things can slip through the cracks. Someone can make a value judgment that has no right to make that judgment. The CEO, who is in effect Roger Goodell, doesn't get all the information he needs all the time. That's a fact of life in bureaucracies."

Wait, so is the security second-to-none? Or does information slip through the cracks on occasion? Which one is it Bill Polian?

You can do the math and figure out what exactly happened here.

Listen below for the full discussion:

Bill Polian Is An Embarrassment


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