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Felger: Curt Schilling Should Get Off Twitter

BOSTON (CBS) -  By now you've probably read or at least heard about what happened to Curt Schilling and his daughter earlier this week on the internet.

Curt's daughter Gabby will pitch for the Salve Regina (Newport, RI) softball team next year, and the proud dad offered her a congratulations on Twitter.

Some users took this as an invitation to bash the ex-Red Sox pitcher and his family, tweeting some pretty vulgar things in reply.

Curt fought back with a post on his official blog site, and exposed the identities of these trolls for all to see. Some of these people have even been fired as a result of Schilling's blog.

98.5 The Sports Hub's Felger & Massarotti offered their take on the situation Tuesday afternoon.

"What was being posted on Twitter in regards to Curt Schilling's daughter was repugnant, sure, but it's Twitter. It's a cesspool. You know what you're getting into when you use Twitter and social media -- for better or worse, " said headlines guy Jim Murray.

"To be all high and mighty about this, like Curt Schilling has kind of been, I think he's almost as bad as some of the guys tweeting at him. It was a poor joke what some of those guys were doing. It was a dumb joke in bad taste, but for these guys to lose their job and for him to sit there and be like, 'Ha-ha-ha gotcha!', I think that's just as gross. He just seems a little bit pompous about the whole thing, but then again I don't have kids."

Tony Massarotti, who has stopped looking at Twitter mentions altogether because of stuff like this, was disgusted by the whole thing.

"The stuff that was said about his daughter? Vile. Beyond vile. Losers. Like, what did you think was going to happen? The anonymity of some of this stuff on Twitter and on the web, people think they can say and do whatever they want without any repercussions. And you know what? It's the guy's daughter for crying out loud! What are you doing? Losing their jobs, and Schilling reacting as he did, we can argue over that part of it. But the comments? You're a loser. Please. Some of that stuff was just disgusting. Brutal," said Mazz.

Mike Felger has a simple solution for Schilling to avoid these problems in the future.

"Curt, get off Twitter! Turn it off and the problem is over!" shouted Felger. "Why do you have to be on Twitter? You know what Twitter is? It's the world. People suck! People suck. And if you open yourself up to all the sucky people, you're going to get suckiness thrown back into your face. So just turn it off! It's such a preventable tragedy it's not even funny."

Listen below for the entire conversation:

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