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Felger: Celtics Are Going To Eastern Conference Finals

BOSTON (CBS) -- Look out, Green Teamers. A new member is joining your ranks.

Michael Felger, the foremost detractor of all things Celtics, is fully bought in on the team after Friday night's impressive win at Golden State.

And he's not just talking for the sake of talking; he's willing to put his money where his mouth is.

Felger believes in the Celtics so much that he took on Tony Massarotti in a bet. Felger thinks if the Celtics get matched up with the Raptors in the second round of the playoffs, the C's will win.

Mazz is less convinced, so the two made a bet on Monday's show, with the loser having to pay money to a local charity, Christmas In The City.

The bet stemmed from a caller who predicted the Celtics would roll into the Finals and beat the Warriors this coming June.

"I was not laughing at you, caller, until you got to beating the Warriors in the Finals," Felger said. "But I don't think it's stupid at all to say they get the three seed and win that first round. And if you still look at them and their chances in that first round the same as you did last week, is bananas. Friday should have proven something for you, should have moved the needle for you. It has for me. They win that first-round series, and if I had to bet it today, I would take them over Toronto. And then, we'll see."

Though Felger felt some trepidation if it lines up for the C's to get Cleveland in the second round, he realized they have no excuse to not end up with the No. 3 seed.

"They're going to win their last three [at Atlanta, and at home vs. Charlotte and Miami], they're going to win their last three. They should run the table and be the three seed," Felger said. "Celts in the East finals.

"I'm aboard. Let's go," Felger said. "That was a great win. I am all about the scoreboard dictating. The scoreboard dictates. You're going to win a game like that, you can't treat it like a one-off, or one game in one season. No! That was a capper on what's been a season where they've built a lot. They've built a lot."

The newest Green Teamer has spoken.

Felger gets dunked in the dunk tank at the 98.5 parking lot. (Photo by Michael Hurley/98.5 The Sports Hub)

Perhaps that dunk tank back in October was what converted him to the Green side.

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