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FBI warns Massachusetts schools about "suspicious" events, suggests protocol review

FBI warns Massachusetts schools about "suspicious" events, suggests protocol review
FBI warns Massachusetts schools about "suspicious" events, suggests protocol review 02:39

WOBURN - Concerns are being raised after Woburn police say a stranger tried to enter Goodyear Elementary School back on November 9 claiming he needed to charge his cell phone.

"I don't know why someone is at a school that doesn't have business there," said Shaun O'Keefe, parent of a Goodyear student. "It's just unnerving that he could try to get into that school," parent Patrice O'Keefe said.

Woburn released a photo of an unidentified man in his twenties who was stopped by a staff member before he could enter, and a vehicle he may have been driving.

Woburn school stranger
Man who tried to enter Goodyear Elementary School in Woburn on Nov. 9 CBS Boston

But now there are questions if it's related to similar incidents at two Lowell schools this week. Three men attempted to enter the Moody and Shaughnessy elementary schools on Tuesday prompting an increased police presence. 

"This morning I said, 'Why are the police here?' But, I'm happy about it now," said parent Adriana Vega.

It also came to the attention of the FBI which contacted Massachusetts school officials a few weeks ago about "unusual and suspicious" events and suggesting a review of school security protocols as a precaution.

"I think we're all conscious of the times we're in and so I think it was a cautionary effort to make sure we're all doing our due diligence," said Thomas Scott, President of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents.

FBI Mass. school warning
Message from Thomas Scott to superintendents about suspicious activity at schools CBS Boston

Whether or not these individuals posed a danger to the schools remains unclear, leaving parents with questions.

"I was hoping they would give us more detail about these three people and what they were trying to do," said parent John Fraher.

Woburn Police also made their presence known outside Goodyear Elementary at dismissal Thursday where parents say security measures are in place which make them feel comfortable their children are safe.

"The doors are locked, you have to go through appropriate channels to enter the school and show your ID," said Shaun O'Keefe.

Similar incidents at a Dedham day care and Needham High School have since been disproved, but officials say it still serves as a reminder to schools to constantly sharpen their lens when it comes to safety. 

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