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Methuen EMTs Rescue Boy After Father Cuts Off Ambulance In Traffic

METHUEN (CBS) – Two Methuen EMTs were rushing to an emergency on Concord Street in Methuen when suddenly their ambulance was cut off by a man in an SUV.

"We were actually responding to the call and they cut us off," said EMT Luis Nigaglioni. "We didn't know it was the same call."

A frantic father jumped out of the car carrying his boy, who hit his head diving into his family's pool at about 7:30 p.m. The father pulled his son out of the water, dialing 911 before jumping into his car.

"Just limp," said EMT Brian Wolfendale. "His eyes rolled back in his head. Just not well."

methuen emts
Methuen EMTs Luis Nigaglioni and Brian Wolfendale (WBZ-TV)

The paramedics stopped traffic, performing life-saving measures on the boy on the spot.

"People were everywhere, they all started coming out of their house and stuff," Wolfendale said. "We took the kid. We were on the street and we took him at least to the grass area, so we could kind of get him away from everyone at least because it was a little bit chaotic at the time."

"The traffic thing was crazy. I've never experienced that," Nigaglioni said. "He was just able to say his name, so that was enough for us to know he was alright.

The eight-year-old was breathing and alert when he was rushed to Lawrence General Hospital. That's where he's being monitored for any infections.

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