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Driver Accused Of Killing Woman In Mattapan Appears In Court

BOSTON (CBS) - Overcome with grief the family a 46-year-old Johnette Sims breaks down outside the courthouse. Tuesday they had to watch and listen to the charges of the man accused of taking their daughter's life, 39-year-old Anthony Buchanan.

"This is just a nightmare," Johnette's sister Chevelle Sloan said.

Police say on Saturday night Buchanan was speeding and driving drunk when he struck and killed Johnette, who was in the crosswalk of Morton and Canterbury Streets in Mattapan.

Buchanan stopped for a moment then sped off down the highway. Johnette died on scene. Buchanan later turned himself into police.

Anthony Buchanan
Anthony Buchanan charged in fatal hit & run crash in Mattapan (WBZ-TV)

Tuesday in court prosecutors say there were two witnesses to the deadly hit-and-run. One of the witnesses was riding around on his scooter with a GoPro and just happened to capture part of the crime.

In 2001 Buchanan was arrested for DWI but those charges were later dismissed. On Tuesday, his bail was set at $5000 even though the mother of two sons is gone forever. "You had a choice and you chose to do the wrong thing that's on you," her son Tyquan Harrell said.

Johnette's mother is a woman of deep faith. She says even in the midst of this tragedy she forgives Buchanan for his horrific crime even though the pain cuts to the core of her soul. "If I do not forgive him it would hurt me more holding that grudge," Rosemary Sloan-Sims said.

Buchanan is due back in court on October 7 for a probable cause hearing.

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