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Fan Essentials: Best NFL Stadium

Every team enjoys the unique benefits of home-field advantage. They can take many forms, from the weather, to the energy at game time, to the overwhelming noise of the crowd. Even the NFL's cellar-dwellers, who sometimes play home games in front of scores of opposing fans, know the field better than their opponents and get to sleep in their own beds the night before.

Home-field advantage, though it might be small, is very real. And it can matter a lot, as anyone who's seen Aaron Rodgers bring his Packers back on a frigid Sunday in Green Bay can attest. Teams leverage it in many ways to help them win.

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But only a few teams enjoy the kind of home-field advantage that can change the course of a game, that opposing teams have to game-plan for.

What are those stadiums? Local CBS sports anchors Steve Burton in Boston, Bill Jones in Dallas, and Michael Spencer in Denver give their thoughts on the NFL's best stadium on game day.

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