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Fan Essentials: Best NFL Coach

What makes a great NFL coach? From mastering the game to putting together the perfect game plan to connecting with players, many traits can be cited. But, the answer to the greatness question, frankly, is that it depends. It depends on the coach. It depends on the players. It depends on the game. It depends on a vast and forever shifting array of factors.

So, maybe what a great coach really needs is the ability to assimilate information, turn it into a viable strategy and execute it on the field. That certainly seems like a valuable skill in today's NFL, which is easily among the most detailed and complicated sports ever played.

Who is the best coach in the NFL today, and likely ever? It's a fair question to ask and an easy question to answer.

Bill Belichick.

Jets fans know it. Bills fans know it. Patriots fans certainly know it. Football fans don't agree on a lot, but they agree on this.

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With such universal agreement, maybe the better question is: who is the NFL's second-best coach? While no current head coach can match Belichick's five Super Bowl wins, many have led their teams to glory, including Pete Carroll (Seahawks, 2013), Mike McCarthy (Packers, 2010) and Sean Payton (Saints, 2009).

Local CBS sports anchors Don Bell in Philadelphia, Steve Burton in Boston, Bill Jones in Dallas, and Michael Spencer in Denver give their thoughts on the NFL's best coach.

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