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Family Feud Keeps Concord, NH Tree Farm Closed A 2nd Year

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — For years, people have been traveling to a popular Concord farm to pick out a Christmas tree.

But that's no longer the case for the 600-acre Rossview Farm. It's closed for a second season in a family dispute over who owns the farm and its 8,100 trees.

Wayne and Ruth Ross planned to give it to their only son, Don Ross. But things soured and they served their son an eviction notice in 2013. That set off more legal challenges. A trial is scheduled for next year.

A lawyer for Wayne and Ruth Ross tells the Concord Monitor ( the legal arguments include some esoteric concepts, such as a common law doctrine involving plants planted and tended by people, as compared to "products of the soil" that grow naturally.

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