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Family 'Forever Grateful' After Off-Duty Firefighter Performs Life-Saving CPR

QUINCY (CBS) -- A local family is hoping to find the off-duty firefighter who provided life-saving CPR during a cardiac arrest.

Larry and Edie Mahoney were out celebrating at Quincy's Marina Bay Friday evening when Larry began to feel hot and sick. "I looked over and he kind of went back in the chair. And I knew there was something wrong. I started yelling call 911!" Edie explained.

Staff and other patrons rushed to help, with one fellow diner taking the lead. "It was actually a Boston firefighter. He must've dragged him out of the chair, onto the floor. He started CPR right away and he did it for a long time," said Edie.

Larry and Edie Mahoney (Photo Courtesy: Mahoney Family)

First responders arrived and used their automated external defibrillator to shock Larry, returning his heart to a normal rhythm. He was rushed to Boston Medical Center. After the placement of stents and an internal defibrillator, Larry is now looking and feeling much better. The family hopes he'll be discharged Wednesday.

"We want to get an AED placed in Marina Bay so that won't happen again. Someone will be able to defibrillate right away," Edie added.

The family is overwhelmed by the goodness of those who ran to help a stranger. They hope they can meet that off-duty firefighter.

"We have eight children. Every single one of them just wants to thank them. They saved his life and we'll be forever grateful. Forever."


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