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Families React To Obstruction Arrest In Marathon Bombing Investigation

BOSTON (CBS) - Elizabeth Norden sits in anger as she watches the coverage and listens carefully to charges against Khairullozhon Matanov.

"It's unsettling and you think, 'how many more? how many people involved,'" Norden said.

Elizabeth is the mother of JP and Paul Norden, who both were severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombings.

She says she can't believe another suspect has been arrested in connection with the investigation, but she's glad investigators did their job.

"Everyone was affected, but most people can turn it off. When I see my sons have to put on a leg day in and day out, it never ends for us. It brings back that night of misery. I am very pleased with law enforcement and I hope this gentlemen as well as the others get full extent of what the full punishment should be," Norden said.

Matanov is not accused of carrying out the marathon attacks or of having any beforehand knowledge, but Norden says that does not matter. She was infuriated when she learned he was friends with the bombers and even had dinner with the Tsarnaev brothers after the bombings.

"It's very angry. I look back to that night where we were a mess. We thought one of my sons was dead and to think someone could block the investigation and not solve it is mind boggling," Norden said.

Other families of victims and survivors declined to talk today.

The Richard family's spokesman did issue a statement.

"While so many work so hard to move forward from the painful events of that day, it is comforting to know the investigation continues, and that the investigators won't rest until they get to the bottom of what happened and how it came about," it said.

Mark Fucarile, who was the last person injured in the bombings to be released from the hospital, told WBZ he was glad to hear of the arrests and praised the investigators. He also said "I'm not surprised. I think there were a lot of people who knew about it."



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