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Falmouth Residents Say Wind Turbines Are "Torture"

FALMOUTH (CBS) - Some residents in Falmouth say wind turbines are keeping them up all night, and causing major health problems. "It's like a fleet of planes continuously just flying over my house," says Madeline Tundidor.

Dozens of neighbors packed an emergency town Board of Health meeting, to hear the health concerns of people who live near two town-owned turbines, plus a third one that's privately run. "The pulsing sound will wake me up all night," said one man.

"Eye irritability and headaches," said a woman. "Memory loss, loss of balance, loss of appetite, ringing in the ears," added another neighbor.

The complaints went on for a couple hours. "Turn these torturous machines off," said Diane Funfar.

Last week, state environmental officials ordered one of the turbines be shut down because it exceeded noise regulations. Now, Falmouth's Board of Health could hand down an emergency order for the other town-owned turbine to stop as well.


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