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Plow Driver Accused Of Spraying Trump Protesters With Slush

FALMOUTH (CBS) – Protesters demonstrating against President Donald Trump on Cape Cod accuse a plow driver of intentionally spraying them with slush.

"I was horrified," said demonstrator Jane Fitzpatrick. "As soon as I saw the truck come from there and head towards us, it was clear that he was driving right towards us and I just thought, Charlottesville."

She was referring to an incident in Falmouth on Monday, that others are calling an assault on free speech.

Several dozen demonstrators were on the town common, protesting President Trump's policies, when a snowplow truck came very close to them.

Plow driver trump
Plow driver accused of splashing protesters in Falmouth (WBZ-TV)

"The wall of water and ice that went over us was like 10 feet tall," Jon Goldman said. "He was going fast, he gunned it!"

The protesters said the snow had stopped, the streets were plowed, and the drivers gone, except for one.

"It was absolutely not necessary for him to come by and try to plow that area," said Sandra Faiman-Silva.

Police have found the alleged driver. He's a contractor from Mashpee and will be summonsed to court on a charge of disorderly conduct.

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