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Power Crews In Falmouth Work Through Outages With A Strategy

FALMOUTH (CBS) -- The sight of an Eversource crew in her Falmouth neighborhood lifted the spirits of Tally Christian after more than 24 hours without power. "We woke up and the power was out yesterday, that was it," she said.

A small generator provides some heat, but without power to the refrigerator, she's putting food outside, and charging phones in the car.

Power crews hard at work in Falmouth (WBZ-TV)

A blizzard on Tuesday left tens of thousands without power a day later. Heavy snow dragged power lines down, forced road closures, and snapped countless tree limbs.

Residents say they've been watching the many old trees.

"Especially with some of these old trees around, we had to really watch things closely and make sure things really aren't too dangerous for us," said Lydia Mathger who says the outage has been difficult with two children and no hot water.

Others heard trees snap. "It was 7 a.m. yesterday and I heard a loud thud and the power went out," said Mike Netto.

Eversource says they have to prioritize the restoration but progress is being made.

"This one fix will bring back 1,300 customers. So we work our way through all the damage with this strategy in the back of our mind," said spokesman Frank Poirot.

They have to respond to streets that police have reported as hazardous first, then first responders, then businesses and residents.

The latest storm hit Barnstable County hard, bringing Governor Charlie Baker to a roundtable with local officials, laying out the magnitude of back to back nor'easters.

"Overall the Commonwealth lost and restored power to about a million households and businesses over the course of the last 10 to 12 days," said Baker.

Town officials are now warning residents to prepare for a second night in the dark.


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