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Explorer's Guide To The Sahara Desert

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An adventure to the Sahara Desert will take you to some of the most remote areas of the world. You will encounter everything from ancient Kasbahs to villagers washing clothes in a stream to a caravan of camels and endless dunes. The Sahara Desert is an adventurer's dream vacation and a must-experience for those wanting to travel and learn about a whole new world. The best thing about a visit to this area of the world is that you can enjoy a short trip, including visits to Morocco and Egypt, or you can plan a longer trip and go far out into the desert on a dune buggy adventure.

Currently, first-time travelers to the Sahara Desert are allowed to visit Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. There are other areas where travelers are allowed to visit, just as there are many regions in the Sahara that are forbidden to all travelers. Those wanting to experience everything they are allowed to see may want to consider taking one of the many guided tours available. This will ensure travelers stay in allowable areas of the desert and do not adventure off into areas that are forbidden and could be dangerous to explore.

Sahara Desert Tour offers a variety of different tours to those wanting to experience the Sahara Desert. You can choose from many different adventures, including camel trekking, sunrise tours and extended eight-day adventures. Some of the places you will see on these tours include Ait Ben Haddou, Erg Chebbi, Ziz Valley, Berber Villages and Skoura Oasis. Tours available will take you to all of the top places to see in the region. Other tours that will take you into the Sahara Desert include Blue Men of Morocco, Desert Dream, Desert Majesty and Intrepid Travel.

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Exploring On Your Own

Though many prefer to enjoy the experience tour guides have, many adventurers enjoy taking self-guided hiking and backpacking tours in the Sahara. With a little preparation and strategic planning, you can have a fun, exciting and safe adventure into the desert. When exploring the region alone, you will have more time to experience the culture and to explore places. You will be on your schedule, not a tour's schedule.

You can easily plan your trip to backpack your way through Morocco from Marrakech to Merzouga. Buses and mini-buses are available to help take you the long distances between sites and villages. During your adventure, you will find plenty of dunes and some mountains you can hike and climb.

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Must-See Sites

The Sahara Desert covers 12 countries in northern Africa, giving you more than 3.6 million square miles to explore. You will find everything from sand dunes to golden oasis towns and historic sites to small villages throughout the Sahara Desert. Among the sand dunes and scattered across the golden landscapes, you will find a variety of sites that you have to see. Some of those must-see spots include The Eastern Desert in Egypt, Fayoum Oasis, Wadi Al Hitan, Temple of Hibis and the Temple of Qsar Dush.

If you looking to see some of the many temples in the area, you are going to want to visit the Temple of Nadura, Deir El Hagar Temple, Amun Temple Siwa and Temple of Ain El Muftella. Other popular sites you will definitely want to see include the Mountain of the Dead, Al Mizawaka Tombs, Valley of the Golden Mummies and The Magic Spring. No matter what you do, make sure to fit in a visit to Cleopatra's Math, where you will see timeless relics and even where this queen once swam and relaxed.

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If you are looking for wild adventures in the Sahara Desert you will want to get in contact with Dunes and Deserts. This company offers a variety of different tours and opportunities to experience the wild side of this remote region of the world. You will find opportunities to go out mountain biking, experience quad tours and even go skydiving and experience free falling over the sand dunes and desert. You can also go on dune buggy adventures and take a sunrise or sunset hot air balloon ride over the golden desert sands. With so many options available, it seems like the adventure will never end.

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