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Evidence In Salem Ice Sculpture Theft Melts After Freezer Malfunction

SALEM (CBS) - A key piece of evidence in a larceny case in Salem has vanished. And police say warm temperatures are to blame.

Back on February 12, the dragon head was allegedly cut out of a sculpture and stolen by two men who were caught lugging the head down Essex Street.

The two men were charged with felony larceny. That dragon head was recovered and placed in a police evidence storage freezer.

Unfortunately, the refrigerator suffered an electrical malfunction on Tuesday and most of the evidence melted.

The Salem Patch says an officer discovered the melted sculpture head while performing a post-weekend check of the evidence room.

"The refrigerator must have stopped working sometime over the weekend because the ice sculpture head that was in the freezer was 75 percent melted," police told the Salem Patch.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Bernice Corpuz reports


Reenus Osthook with the Salem Chamber of Commerce says local businesses had pooled their money to buy the $385 dragon sculpture.

"I don't think that it should make any difference whatsoever whether the sculpture melts away or not," he said. "The perpetrators got caught in the act… They should be going to court and be convicted of the crime."

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