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Video Shows People Clinging To Hood Of Car In Apparent Road Rage Incident

EVERETT (CBS) – Heart stopping surveillance video shows two people clinging onto the hood of a moving car in an act of road rage in Everett.

Prosecutors say 21-year-old Jakyrah Pires hit a scooter from behind on Broadway on Tuesday, knocking two riders onto her car as bystanders were watching in awe.

"The boyfriend was yelling on the street – he was crying. He was like 'oh my god, they took my girlfriend,'" said Nathan St. Fort Colin, a witness.

Everett crash
Video shows scooters on hood of car in Everett (Surveillance image)

Those who saw the incident unfold said Pires kept driving with the man and woman on her car through at least two stop lights before they fell off onto the road.

Asaad Alsaray watched the road rage unfold from his car. "I'm sick to my stomach seeing all the time – hit and run. So I said I have to get her," said Alsaray.

He followed the driver for miles, leading police to an arrest in Medford. "I told her to stop. She said, 'why are you following me?' I told her, 'you hit the people and run and that's not the right way to do.' She didn't care – she drove away," said Alsaray.

Jakyrah Pires
Jakyrah Pires (WBZ-TV)

Pires' lawyer said, in court, that she feared for her safety after the driver of the scooter began banging on her car. She pleaded not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon (car), leaving the scene of personal injury and operating to endanger. The judge ordered her not to drive, and she's due back in Malden District Court on October 25.

The pair on the scooter walked away with minor scratches and bruises.

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