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Artist Transforms Everett Bus Stop With 'Flower Bomb'

EVERETT (CBS) - It's an oasis where you least expect it. A bus stop on the corner of Chelsea Street and Broadway in Everett has been transformed into a colorful landscape of flowers.

The artist, Krissy Price of Boston Pollen, calls it a "flower bomb."

"I have been doing flower bombs for the last few years on a much smaller scale," Price said. "It's important to me to do public art to give back to the community."

The installation is part of a partnership between the city and Everett Bus Rapid Transit, a pilot program aimed at improving mobility and adding a touch of beauty to the city's main thoroughfare into Boston. City officials say 15,000 people ride the bus each day. As many as 9,000 ride on this corridor alone.

Everett flowerbomb
School Street bus station flowerbombed (WBZ-TV)

"The idea here was to use the flower bomb as a way to make this bus stop a place you want to be," said Jay Monty, Everett's Transportation Planner. "We don't have rapid transit T service, subway, commuter rail here, so the residents here really rely on bus service. So everything we do to make that experience better, faster, more reliable is good for those residents."

Last month, Everett became the first city in the Commonwealth to install elevated platforms that will make it easier for riders to board buses. Those who rely on public transit say initiatives like this one generate good conversations.

"It's a visual cue it's going to get people to ask questions which is the most important thing," said David Senatillaka. "Hopefully people that didn't try the bus or people that have a stigma about riding the bus or people that used to be bus riders and that went back to be drivers only may try the bus again."

Krissy Price
Krissy Price of Boston Pollen (WBZ-TV)

"I'm bubbling over with excitement about this," Price said. "I feel very effervescent and I hope that's what people feel. Like wow look at what nature can bring to me."

The installation won't last long. They plan to take it down Thursday during the morning commute. Organizers say whatever they can salvage they'll give away to riders to continue to brighten their day.

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