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Even More Money Mistakes: Heard From Listeners

BOSTON (CBS) - Folks have been very generous in sharing money mistakes. At the work shop last week folks shared some interesting mistakes that many of us have made.

Grocery shopping while hungry. Does not seem like a big deal so you end up with a few extra items that week but that can add up each week. Depending what study you believe, we waste between $640 to $1600 annually on food we purchase.

Especially in the produce department. The blueberries look great this week so you buy an extra pint or two. The idea you were going to make a pie or muffins got postponed to the point the berries had rotted. And you throw them away. The bananas that were going to be banana bread never made it to the oven and ended up in the compost heap.

No one wanted ham sandwiches this week for lunch so the deli meat begins to smell and you throw it away. It all adds up.

Many folks shop on their way home from work, it is the end of the day and you could be tired and hungry. I know I am often grumpy as well for my blood sugar has dropped. Many listeners shared their suggestions:

  • Eat a snack bar or fruit left from lunch so you are not starving as you walk into the store
  • Make a list so you know what you are shopping for
  • Create a flexible meal plan for the week meaning you can switch the days around
  • One listener told of going shopping on Saturdays when there are samples to curb his hunger

Think about this, if you could save a $1,000 a year on your grocery bill what could you do with that money?  College fund? Retirement money? Vacation fund? Emergency fund? An example of a $1,000 a year for 30 years, earning 8% you could have in your retirement fund over $113,000. Not bad for just eating up your leftovers!

One more thing: At our house, usually on a Friday night, we have "Must Go" night. Whatever is in the fridge "must go". It has made for some memorable meals!


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