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Evan Turner Joins The Enes Kanter-Nick Wright Feud

BOSTON (CBS) -- If there is one thing FS1's Nick Wright loves to do, it's rag on Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics. That hasn't sat well with new Celtics big man Enes Kanter, who has given it right back to Wright on social media since signing with Boston.

And Kanter has a loyal supporter in former Portland teammate -- and former Celtics guard -- Evan Turner, who jumped into the online feud on Friday.

Wright spent his Thursday criticizing Ainge for saying that Kemba Walker and Kanter were Boston's "Plan A" in free agency. Yes, those comments were a little untrue, considering that pairing up Kryie Irving and Anthony Davis has been Boston's Plan A for years. But like most online critics, Wright has ignored Ainge pointing out that Walker and Kanter became Boston's Plan A following the NBA Draft, when it was clear that Irving -- and then Al Horford -- would be playing elsewhere. Plans change in the NBA all the time, and the Celtics had to change theirs this summer.

"Enes Kanter is not part of anyone's Plan A for anything in the NBA in 2019," Wright said on Thursday. "Fans always love Enes Kanter until he starts playing for your team."

That was too much for Turner to take, so he fired off his support for his former teammate on Twitter.

Kanter wouldn't have had any problem firing back at Wright himself, as he's done before, but it's nice to see someone else come to the defense of Boston's new center. Chances are, Kanter will have something for Wright in the near future anyways.

The big man started this internet quarrel with Wright shortly after the talking head called Boston's signing of Walker and Kanter a disaster, making fun of Wright's hair. That move immediately won over Boston fans, but also put Kanter in the crosshairs for more criticism from Wright.

The digs will keep coming throughout the season. We'll see how much longer things stay civil between Kanter and Wright.

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