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'Kids Need To Find Connections,' Lynn History Teacher Eugene Schultz Gains TikTok Fame Sharing His Passion

LYNN (CBS) -- Eugene Schultz has always had a passion for history. "If you tell the story right, you get the good and you get the bad and it's riveting and I love it," said Schultz.

As a history teacher at Lynn Classical High School, he wants his students to love the subject just as much as he does. A few years ago he started to hear his students talk about a new app. "They were like 'TikTok this, TikTok that' and I really was like, oh no, something else to keep track of," said Schultz.

Reluctantly, he made an account of his own: "@365History."

"You want to make connections with your students and if they're talking about things you want to be able to know what's in so if you can incorporate it into your lessons," said Schultz.

Eugene Schultz
Eugene Schultz. (WBZ-TV)

Two years later, he's been able to connect with an audience far outside of his classroom walls. His TikTok account @365History now has more than 60,000 followers.

"So I'm taking short little tidbits of history. The majority of my content is what day it is, an event that happened this day. My videos since I've started the account have had 610,000 views," said Schultz.

365 history
Eugene Schultz's TikTok page. (WBZ-TV graphic)

When asked what the account has taught him about his students and the younger generation, he said, "that we don't give them enough credit for wanting to learn. Kids need to find connections with those in the classroom so if I can sort of make someone even a little bit excited about the material, I think I've done my job."

For more on 365 History, visit Schultz's TikTok account.

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