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Family Of Entwistle Victims Releases Statement On 10th Anniversary Of Murders

BOSTON (CBS) -- The family of a mother and daughter murdered in Hopkinton ten years ago released a statement Wednesday on the anniversary of their deaths.

Rachel Entwistle and her nine-month-old daughter, Lillian, were killed January 20, 2006, a crime for which Rachel's husband Neil Entwistle was convicted. In the years since, Joe & Priscilla Matterazzo, Rachel's parents, established The Rachel and Lillian Rose Foundation to raise awareness of domestic violence.

"After the tragic event of January 2006 we know Rachel would have agreed with us in establishing a Foundation for domestic violence and child abuse so no other families would have to endure the pain and suffering that our family has had to endure with their loss," the family said in the statement.

Lillian and Rachel Entwistle
Lillian and Rachel Entwistle. (WBZ-TV)

The foundation has raised funds for Bay State Community Services, Germantown Neighborhood Center, Joanna's Place, and the Norfolk Advocate for Children in Foxboro, where a room, Rachel and Lilly's Loft, is named for them.

In the statement, the Matterazzos remembered the young mother as "bright, bubbly, talented, and hardworking."

The Entwistles met as students at the University of York in England in 1999. Months after their daughter's birth, the couple moved to Massachusetts to be near Rachel's family.

"When Rachel made the decision to come back home it was so Lillian could be raised with the family she loved so much," the statement read. "Rachel was so happy to have her family and friends close to her again and sharing in her happiness as a new Mom."

"On this tenth anniversary of the death of our beloved Rachel and Lillian Rose we would like to extend our heartfelt  gratitude to the thousands of people who have supported the Rachel and Lillian Rose Foundation through "The Run For The Roses" charity event."

During Neil Entwistle's trial, prosecutors argued he killed his wife and daughter because he was upset about his failure to find a job and his growing debt. He was convicted in Rachel and Lillian's murders in 2008. The U.S. Supreme Court has denied a request to hear an appeal from him in that case in 2013.


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