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Emerson College Bans Hoverboards As Injuries Increase

BOSTON (CBS) - Dr. Peter Martone at Atlantis Chiropractic Wellness Center is starting to notice a post-holiday trend.

"They are like, 'I had a hoverboard accident.' A hoverboard accident? What's a hoverboard accident?" Dr. Peter Martone says.

Since Christmas, this Wakefield Chiropractor has treated at least six people who have taken a tumble off their kids' new hoverboards.

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Dr. Martone says, "Most of the injures we are seeing are wrist injuries from falling back or back injuries from the hoverboard flying and them going vertical and landing on the floor."

Hoverboard (WBZ-TV)

But the concern extends beyond the injuries, there are those batteries. Dozens have suddenly caught fire around the country. Amazon stopped selling them.

But now Emerson College in Boston is taking it even further, kicking them to the curb.

The college alerted the students that the devices are banned. "It was saying, no hoverboards, they are unsafe we will confiscate them," student Alex Sieklicki said. "You are not allowed to have them."

They are worried about both the fire risk and injuries like Dr. Martone is seeing.

Sieklicki says "It makes sense, rather not have my dorm burn down from a hoverboard, but at the same time I've ridden a hoverboard and they are fun!"

Fun or not, students admit, it's a good call and they are on board.

Emerson Resident Advisor Andrew Skeels says "I think it makes sense to choose to be cautious than have someone get hurt."

Student Peyton Dix says "There is a kid at our school who rides one and it's really obnoxious so I don't mind that we are getting rid of his hoverboard."

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